2019 CargoLug Snowmobile Tunnel Rack Review in SnoWest

I am so excited that SnoWest was willing to review my CargoLug snowmobile tunnel rack system in the October edition of their 2019 magazine!

I am very proud of the CargoLug system. After designing it to help me while riding, I realized it could benefit others. To take an idea to a refined, salable product that people are just as excited about as I am, is very rewarding! I have sold many of these over the past couple years but, I really wanted the opinions of experts in the field who are exposed on a daily basis to snowmobile specific products. So, last season, I asked if they would be willing to review it.  Not long after my request, I was asked to send it in.

Would you like to know something kind of funny? I completely forgot about the review!  I was just beginning to build inventory to prepare for the season’s orders, when all of a sudden things exploded (in a metaphoric kind of way).

The response to the review has been overwhelming, to say the least. My sincere gratitude extends to the SnoWest staff for providing such an unbiased, thorough review, with all kinds of great pictures. They even dedicated almost an entire page to the review. Incredible!

Thank you so much SnoWest!